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Hot Transfers Drive Loan Originations 

How great would it be to have interested and engaged borrowers transferred directly to you so that you can do what you do best- fund more deals?

Our Live Hot Transfer Leads platform is the first of its kind to offer a truly collateral-verified hot transfer, which result in a loan funding rate up to 25% with our customers.

Want to close instead of dial? Our lien data assets coupled with real time, up-to-date property data and world-class telemarketing allow you to spend your time closing instead of sitting and dialing on the phone.

Hello...We have your borrower on the line

Did you know that from January 2014 to August 2014, the iLeads.com РLeadsCouncil 2014 Mortgage Lead Index found that 3.5 million mortgage leads generated online resulted in over $57 billion in loan origination volume?

Our transfers start as Internet leads (for DNC and TCPA compliance), but that’s where the similarity ends. ¬†We employ cutting edge technology to be the first to the consumer, as well as doing a full collateral analysis of the property before we say hello.

Don’t¬†you wish you could claim some of the $57 billion in loan origination volume? ¬†Let us give you the tools¬†to help you get your share of the billions!

As an added value, our Hot Transfer Leads include access to our exclusive property report platform, to give you and your customer a complete financial understanding of their new home and neighborhood.

Increase your lending company’s funding rate far beyond your wildest dreams with the Live Hot Transfer Leads platform by Mortgage-Leads. Give us just five minutes, we’ll show you how Live Hot Transfer Leads can work to increase your funding volume today!

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Transfer's for YOUR
Perfect Borrower


Target jumbo borrowers with collateral verified precision!


Target borrowers with verified FHA or VA eligibility.


Target borrowers that fit the HARP 2.0 guidelines.


Target conventional loan borrowers nationwide.

Transfer Solutions For Large Lenders

Transfer Solutions For Small Shops

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Transfer Solutions That Fund

Title Verified

AVM Verified

Equity Verified

Our Transfers Turn Into Loans
As Easy As 1...2...3

We Target Your
New Borrower

We Analyze Collateral
Before Every Dial

We Introduce
Your New Client

We've built a smarter way to generate leads

Not all leads fund equally.  We created collateral enhanced transfers to help you fund more loans by scrubbing before we dial, AND making you smarter about the consumers collateral from the first hello!

Our collateral enhanced transfer use 271 current up to date data elements on the homeowner, property, and liens including updated title, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics to determine who we dial and who we do not.

Today, we run over a million leads on the our collateral platforms, every month.  See our process live on NeighborhoodIQ.com, and HomeLoanAdvisor.com

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Quality Lead Solutions

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Flexible programs


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Verified collateral

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Leads, transfers, lists


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Free property report

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Dedicated account reps


Service and Benefits you CAN count on

Everything we do¬†is designed¬†to help our clients interact with, and close¬†more of their new clients. ¬†We’ll be happy to show you¬†what tens of thousands of companies and top producing professionals have already discovered: ¬†We¬†drive¬†results.

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